Introducing Swellebound

Halfway between the throaty motorcycle grunt of Jesus & Mary Chain and the cotton candy dreampop of Richey Rose’s associate [the fabulous] Jennie Vee, Swellebound are concocting a sweet delight. The EP / shortish album Your Rose came out last September…


‘Push It’ jigs on live-wire lines of gluey indie guitar, stuttering power jams. Ace shoegaze chorus spins us headlong into the long ago.

‘Your Rose’ buzzsaw undulations shed stinging thorns. A piercing guitar solo and a playful vocal complete the affair.

‘Concertina’ has a sun-kissed, sun-bleached disposition with the slightest baggy Manchester vibe amidst the swirling guitars.

‘Fade’ has an acoustic, jaunty spring to its step. Wide eyed and heartfelt this could easily have been in the soundtrack to a cutesy 1995-ish comedy.

Offering shoegaze with an edge of classic 90s pop, Swellebound have tones of fun.


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