Louise Pop – Time Is A Habit (2012)

Ah, the hot, sticky rush of pop music made with guitars. It’s right up there with the first flushes of new love and scoring the winner in an FA Cup semi-final.

Austrian band Louise Pop released Time Is A Habit back in 2012, a perfectly presented package of pop…

louise pop

Strains of all manner of spiky, sugar-rush guitar music can be found here: indie, new-wave, punk, surf and beyond. Blondie, The Libertines and The Wombats are just some of the bands that spring to mind.

Title track ‘Time Is A Habit’ is a wonky, whimsical treat that could be Wire covering The Kinks. Possibly.

Click to watch the video

‘Conceptual Dance’ sounds like Elastica and cheekily references Right Said Fred. No, really. The vocals sound so much like Justine Frischmann you’ll be scampering to check the band line up in the liner notes.

‘Broken Bits’ and ‘Slow Motion’ are angular, arty evocations of post punk. ‘Deep In The Jungle’ has a Slits-esque down-in-the-playground atmosphere. ‘Blue Lights’ is an indie anthem made for the nerdier end of the late night dancing scene.

The best thing about this band may be the lyrics, eschewing a lorry load of witty bon mots as…

“Never trust a country boy”

“Run down by a speedboat”

“I don’t give a fuck about the colour of your eyes”

A beautiful notion of friends making music about love and life with wit and energy…



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