Klusters – Olbers’ Paradox (2015)

Klusters are a Hungarian electronic duo, whose debut album, Olbers’ Paradox is, to quote their snazzy website, “a concept album based on questions about the connection between the self and its subconsciousness, dreams, love and destiny”. Let’s take a look… The picture is part of the artwork of the Olbers' Paradox by Klusters. ‘Brainstorm’ has a delicious electro-pop glide that manages to combine a taste for sweeping, lush tones with a punching, high energy chorus:

When it’s time for my brain to reign
It starts to play with my senses
A game of reminiscences
And I can find what I want
I am the one who can hide
So take me away, fly me high

Click to listen to ‘Brainstorm’

‘Depths’ and ‘Multiverse’ are spiky electro pop / dance songs in the vein of White Lies or Delphic, combining desires for both the anthemic and the brooding.

Click to listen to ‘Depths’

The picture is part of the artwork of the Olbers' Paradox by Klusters.

‘Hearts Decline’, title track ‘Olbers’ Paradox’ and closer ‘Final Flash’ are songs that wish they were on the soundtrack to the movie Drive. Dry, sinister, malevolent and sad, with purring, doomed-romance vocals. The last of these, ‘Final Flash’ does round the album off with am extended bluesy guitar solo…

Which is how we start on ‘Breathing Space’, a track which then slips into The Orb style ambient with vocal samples garnished on top.

‘Shall We Remember’ continues the laid back middle section with floating, mourning guitars until a slow, intense rhythm kicks in. After bringing the song down for a low-key detour we really hit top gear at around 6 minutes. It’s worth the wait, with a killer chorus, stark piano and urgent electronics combining to make a thumping dance smash. This final passage at just 3 minutes though, feels way too short, Klusters could have kept this party going for a lot longer. Arguably the highlight of the album.

What you think will rise to a real thing
Consciousness controls the feeling
Clear your mind and rewrite
Clear all what’s inside

The collected artwork with the album is excellent too.

The picture is part of the artwork of the Olbers' Paradox by Klusters.

Slick, accessible and with an ear for melody, Klusters have a slew of songs that would sit happily on the playlist at 6music. In terms of originality they’re not pulling up many trees but with an album as fun as this, who cares? And, seeing as the album is at this moment available for free, it’s worth at least a couple of pounds of your hard earned cash.



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