Two Skies – ‘Stay’ (single)

Due for release on 10th November is the single ‘Stay’ by Sheffield band Two Skies. It is very impressive indeed.

‘Stay’ launches like a space ship with a turbo charged groove. Fuck me it’s danceable. Glistening guitars underpin the action. The vocals are killer. So much psych vocals these days are either mumbling or buried in reverb and other cliched effects. Here’s a guy who wants you to hear the words! A revelation! The song has the immediacy of punk with the sheen of 90s pop and post BRMC r ‘n’ r style. For a reason that’s perplexed even me, this would sound great on the soundtrack of Return Of The Living Dead, some spark suggests it has a vague vibe brotherhood with ‘Party Time’ by 45 Grave. Or am I thinking of ‘Love Under Will’ by Jet Black Berries?

B side ‘Ocean’ is an initially slower, trippier jam. Echoes of shoegaze abound but with a firm 4/4 footing and again, vocals you can understand! A guitar kicks in with the shine of a Verlaine riff. Using pace expertly and knowing when to take the reins of the song ‘Ocean’ explodes into full widescreen, a quicksilver stomper. Employing a false ending halfway through, tribal drums re-animate the song as a playful psych run out before locking back into the groove.

So, when’s the album guys?


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