Lumerians – Transmalinnia (2011)

While Lumerians are probably best described as space rock however they don’t quite fit the bill. Most 21st century psyco-nauts such as Cosmic Dead, White Manna and Radar Men From The Moon sit in the more tradition space rock envelope, following in the afterburners of the Good Ship Hawkwind. We know the score; repetitive rhythm section power the space ship while guitars and keyboards riff and noodle.
But Lumerians arent exploring space. They have landed on a distant world. They have already beamed down while Hawkwind are looking for a space, man.
It was actually a shock when I saw footage of these guys play. I had actually become convinced that Lumerians weren’t even human, more likely to be multi limbed octopoids grooving and jamming in the alien undergrowth. Then seeing them live in robes and masks and maybe I was right first time…

Burning Mirrors – Fluid seductive bass teases you in. Guitars stab. Parping keyboards. This track is rather Wooden Shjips-esque. The song builds around you as vapour clouds form around you.
Black Tusk – more of a bizarre funk workout with looooooooong keyboards.
XuluX – admittedly this is the only track on the album I’m not overstruck on.
Atlanta Brook – The song that made me captivated with Lumerians. A huge melodic masterpiece from planet Lumeria. Lyrics, vocals, instrumentation all collide to make the perfect slice of modern psychedelia. Achingly slow with a melody like water down a mountain stream. This is a truly amazing and delicious (?) song. Sung with passion over swooning keyboards. A heavily affected guitar solo like lights dancing in a cave of diamonds.
Melting Space – Another slow, dreamlike instrumental. Again the drums and the bass display an almost jazz like interplay. In fact, maybe Lumerians are space-jazz? Or maybe not?
Calalini Rises – Another the smooth pathways of the first half the going gets a little tougher with the use of noise and distortion becoming a new weapon. The drums start to pound. The tone becomes more aggressive and insistent. This certainly isn’t space-jazz!
Hashshashin – Another change of tone as Joy Division bass dances around jazzy drums. Atmosphere is giving way to groove. The tune really kicks in half way through with a screeching guitar solo. Then takes it up higher with amazing adrenaline fuelled drums.
Shortwave Fields – Lumerians are really building up the pace now. More conventional with an air guitar friendly riff and gorgeous groove. Probably the closest these guys get to the likes of White Manna.
Gaussian Castles – Another masterclass in slow, drawling atmospherics. Drums like a call-to-arms, the ticking of a clock, swipes of guitars, those looooong keys, purring vocals. This is a song that can’t decide on whether to be evil or beautiful.
Longwave – Shortwave Fields slowed down to the speed of a snail passing over the event horizon the music practically dissolves into nothing as you listen. Lumerians are masters of slow, gloopy music. But this is grand, evocative music.

Lumerians music shimmer as much as it rocks, it glides as it bounces. They have one of the most slinky and irresistible rhythm around. The drumming and percussion is sensational throughout, very very inventive and skillful. The fact that no particular instrument is out in front works to their advantage. I also love the vocals; dream like and ethereal. Less shouting in a wind tunnel than other space rock and more positive than the shoegazers! They add great textures with backing vocals too.
Maybe most impressive is that Lumerians don’t sound like anyone else, they have a unique sound.
To anyone interested in the ever-growing world of Psych I would heartily recommend Transmalinnia by Lumerians as being at the very pinnacle of the genre.

Go exploring space with Lumerians, who knows what you may find?




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