About my reviews and fiction…


This is a place for my music reviews (mainly psychedelic but with a few tangents), overlooked albums from the past and the occasional piece defending a maligned album.

I am tagging reviews as drone, garage rock, space rock etc to help split this huge genre into smaller chunks.

In the future there may well be forays into comedy reviews and articles, lets see how things go, eh?

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The Greatest Band That Never Existed

Ok so this is the pitch, a true life story of an imaginary Manchester band. The inside history of the albums, the stories, the bust ups, the fights, the tours. A story that ranges from the late 1970s to 2011. All of it true. But fictional. The story of The Greatest Band That Never Existed.

I have aimed to write a light and fun story, an offbeat comedy with good characters and stampeding sheep.

It is the story of the band Sulkin Serpents (I know the name is weird but it stuck). It is the story of John, Mitch, Andy, Adam and Jason and a wide varitey of supporting characters. It’s time to let them into the real world…

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2 thoughts on “About my reviews and fiction…

  1. Fast 'n' Bulbous

    I’d buy this for my Kindle, and I think others would rather read it that way than on their computer screens!

    1. Colourhorizon Post author

      Yeah to be fair getting my story up on Kindle has been on my to-do list for about two years! Putting some of it on here was a stop gap that got carried away. 2015 maybe! Cheers for checking out my site 🙂


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