Three Dimensional Tanx live 06.04.2018

Sunshine and showers…

I’m biased, I’ve seen Three Dimensional Tanx over ten times but they haven’t ventured down to Manchester in a while so it was a huge pleasure to see them supporting the best band of the now, The Lucid Dream. It was an even greater pleasure to see them playing to a big crowd, and the crowd lapping it up and falling in love with them just like I did.

My mate Jason summed them up best: “they play like their lives depended on it”*. This was a band knowing they had a golden opportunity, so they grabbed it and gave it everything they’ve got. This was a band having a whale of a time. From the moment they stepped on stages it was smiles all round and they whipped up the crowd til the smiles were beaming back at them.

Three Dimensional Tanx play fast and loose garage rock that’s part Inspiral Carpets swirl, part punk ramalama, part last chance saloon rock ‘n’ roll, part oddball Northern Soul. Richard on guitar plays wiry rhythms, leaving lots of space for the drums, bass and the keys. They whizzed through 11 songs in 30 minutes, never taking a breath. It started with the golden great ‘The Moon & The Wrecker’, an evergreen stomper and singalong. From there they clattered through the amphetamine rush of ‘I Am Go’ and the fairground side-show ‘Hotdog’, plus news songs from an album due later in the year. All delivered with childlike enthusiasm from shoeless frontman Spacey, who has the magnetic stage presence of a cartoon Jon Spencer. Come to think it, 3DTanx are a cartoon band; colourful, brimming with personality and lots and lots of fun.

Of course, what everyone walks away from 3DTanx talking about is the drummer Loz. Other drummers are functional, there to keep a beat, to keep the clock ticking. Loz? Loz drums like the star of the show, drums like a man born to entertain. He’s a drummer with ADHD, he couldn’t do motorik if he wanted, which he wouldn’t anyway. He breaks mid flow to do solos, breaks and reassembles at will, he wanders outside his kit to play the cymbals, he takes his dress off. They don’t make ‘em like Loz anymore. They never made ‘em like Loz.

Three Dimensional Tanx glorify daftness and exalt the art of entertainment. Their new fans have heard the calling…

*It’s easy reviewing – just write what your mates say.

Vids c/o the Great Sage

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