Hey Bulldog Interview – ‘Al Lupo’ single

By the night-time sounds of a wailing Stratocaster and the back street rumbling of a dirty bass line and the timeless clatter of a master sticksman, Hey Bulldog are all things for all men. They are psych-blues-rock dished out by masters of the arts. They are bringing the power trio back to glory. They are bringing mastery back to rock. They are the wolf and their new single, available from 20th April is called ‘Al Lupo’.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Rob M, a guitar slinger for the 21st century and put a few questions to him…

1 – Tell us about Hey Bulldog and the music you play…

We’re just three guys that enjoy playing music together, mainly guitar, bass and drums, but we’re definitely capable of branching out into other areas.

2 – Who are the members of the band?

Me (Rob Manton – Gtr & Vox), Matt Parry (Bass & Vox) and Ben Howarth-Lees (drums).

3 – You have a new single out called ‘Al Lupo’; when, where and why should people buy it?

When: 20th April 2018!

Where: From our bandcamp heybulldog.bandcamp.com, and all other major download sites like itunes, amazon etc.

Why: if you like decent garage rock music from a band with their own sound and with a nice catchy melody this is the one for you!

3a – Perche una canzone con un titolo Italiano? Da dove l’ispirazione? 

Sto imparando l’italiano. L’anno scorso abbiamo suonato ad un concerto in Sicilia,è il nostro sogno si e realizzato e un’esperienza straordinaria per tutti noi. Gli italiani ci dicevano “In bocca al lupo” e questa frase ci ha dato l’ispirazione giusta per scrivere la canzone.

4 – Do you have any plans to release new music?

We’d like to release another single this year, with either an EP or an album to follow on from that…

The response to ‘Al Lupo’ has been amazing so far, so an album is something we’ve been waiting a long time to make.

5 – You have a  new song called ‘No Future Part 2’ that is very different from your normal sound, tell us about it…

Well originally I had an idea for a Bladerunner soundtrack style spoken word synth thing called ‘No Future’ that I was showing to Ben and Matt at rehearsals, Ben starting playing this motorik Can style drumbeat which was not what I had in mind at all, but it sounded amazing, so all three of us spontaneously jammed around that and 90% of what ‘No future part ii’ is came from that 1st jam.

6 – … people have gone wild for it, do you think this marks a shift in the music?

It’s not a shift, we’re not that premeditated when it comes to the songs, we just go with whatever we feel sounds best at the time, it’s definitely something different for us though to do a mostly instrumental track without a proper verse or chorus, so it’s really opened up another avenue for us that we can go down, and also shows another side to the band that maybe people who see a lot of bands realise is something that not many bands are capable of.


7- What gigs do you have coming up?

This month we’re playing with The Lucid Dream and Purple Heart Parade at The Victoria Dalston in London and then to celebrate the release of ‘AL Lupo’ we’ve picked some great bands to play with us at Night People in Manchester on 13th April, we’re headlining the night playing a bit longer than usual and really looking forward to seeing Savannah, Freakout Honey and Deja Vega playing on the same bill.

We’ve got a couple of things to announce for the summer soon too.

8 – What Hey Bulldog record are your most proud of?

It’s hard to pick out one, if you’re not proudest of your latest song and don’t feel you are progressing or doing something different from your previous stuff then you probably shouldn’t release it.

We’re all really pleased with how ‘Al Lupo’ turned out, it’s probably the best vocals I’ve recorded and I’m really pleased with the way the melody and the lyrics work together, the production and mix came together really easily too and brought out the best in the song, there’s a lot of little details in there that people will start to pick up on after a few listens.

9 – What are you listening to at the moment and who do you recommend?

Recently I’ve been playing the latest Mogwai and LCD Soundsystem Records both are great, with a lot of different flavours to them.

Live vids c/o Dave Zoom @MistaMoZe and the great sage John Hall @Mancmusic1
(Thanks to Marta for helping us with our shaky Italian)
Tickets for Night People are available here:
Bandcamp page:
Coming On Stro-ong!

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