No Mightier Creatures – S/T

Glass eyed, nervous blues all the way from Lima in the form of No Mightier Creatures.

They’re blues-y but they’re closer to the frustrated aggravation of Grinderman than the boogie jams of The Black Keys, but more than anything they sound like a stuttering bunch of machines; cold and inured by the terrible fucking world around them. This is an angry band, and we need angry bands at the moment.

Renato Gomez sing/speaks with a declamatory tone, reacting against the tradition of most blues singing, rather reminiscent of Robert Kidney from The Numbers Band.


The album starts off with ‘Yet We Divide’ which is comparatively jolly compared to what comes later.

“Little time to wake up / little time to grow” serves as a stark indictment of US politics.

The highlight of their self titled album is the middle section which is bracing and vicious:

The Lou Reed drawl and track-mark guitar of ‘Springfield’ is a scabrous alternate reality take on the New York grouch-bag’s post Velvets career. ‘No Light’ hammers staccato, pure Gang Of Four scratch with a Sonic Youth fuel injection.

‘Mulitply’ and ‘Corporate Dream’ are slow, weary grunts; fairground rides with empty seats.

‘To Cross’ merges Stooges slum riffs with soapbox spiel.

‘Colours fade / Genders fade / Bodies fade’

‘Take It Easy’ round off the album with the most blues-ish number, twangs and tension, empty space left.

Favouring rhythm over posturing is what makes No Mightier Creatures a stirring prospect, eschewing soloing in favour of tense dynamics. Sure, we all enjoy some guitar heroics from time to time, but it’s good to hear a blues band roll up the sleeves and hunker down.

“Reignite, spread your word”


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