E GONE – The Third Is A Mountain Which Holds A Dagger

E GONE’s new release serves as a thrilling introduction to an essential career, or to those who already follow his travels, a thrilling re-introduction and summation. EGONE (the Gnostic Mystic Daniel Westurlund) is an artist amassing a body of work that traverses a deep dimension of psych, folk, ambient and world-music. He is now at the point where he can release a record which draws upon all over his work so far, providing not only a catchup point, but a jumping on point before his new adventures.

The Third Is A Mountain Which Holds A Dagger is a title which sums up many of his concerns: exploring the wilderness and places of isolation in search of mysticism.

‘No audience no metronome’ starts with the delicate plucking of strings; entering us into a pastoral world of tranquility. This repose is not destined to last…

The highlight of the mini-album is ‘Decoy for the hunt’ in which Daniel sings for the first time since his 2014 golden great All The Suns Of The Earth. His vocal tracks always recall his earlier drone-folk past-life as The Goner. His cracked, warped vocals act as emotion lodestone; taking us to the heart of his music and providing a deep emotional resonance. Over a fragile carapace of acoustic strings and pump organ a landlocked sea shanty emerges, a paean to glistening mountainsides.

‘The telurian omega’ excavates middle eastern tones and barbs left over from the hookah smoking days of the SMOKEDIVER EP. This leads us into the frenetic Constantinople knees-up of ‘Rogue Diplomat’, all bustling street markets and looming minarets.

‘Habit hides you’ travels internally, juxtaposing pastoral folk with sunrise textures, leading you to a sad state. ‘I have been given much’ continues with a downbeat hymn over dolorous drones and a buzzing emanating from within. This paves the way for ‘Give’ where deep, melancholic surges of drones advance while the acoustic instruments wither and die; revealing the decayed subsurface. And so the 3 song suite finds a home in this ambient world of lost dreams.

The remarkable thing about E GONE’s work is the way in which he spins psychedelic music with a primarily acoustic set of instruments. He paints the olde-worlde without the twee picture postcard antics. He paints the mystical without recourse to hippy-dom.

This is psychedelic music with real emotion.

As always, essential.




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