Hey Bulldog ‘Divide And Conquer’

Hey Bulldog; the spiralling Strat wizard Rob M and his unstoppable rhythm machine Ben & Matt are back.
‘Divide & Conquer’, a favourite from their fabulously entertaining live set, has captured in all its pomp and circumstance for the world to enjoy.
It’s been played on 6music amongst others and is available to buy right now. But what does it sound like?

Like 8 top-secret military hovercraft on manoeuvres in the desert.
Like dangling precariously on the top gantry of a burning oil rig.
Like a Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee showdown.
Like a phalanx of red clad Spartans; shields locked.
Like the obsidian eyes of the Giant Squid.
Like the children of the Hydra’s teeth.
Like the level boss you can’t beat.
Like Connery vs Moore.
Like Hey Bulldog.


Buy: https://heybulldog.bandcamp.comhey bulldog



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