LIINES – ‘Disappear’ and ‘Be Here’ (single)

Substations. Retaining walls. Arch barrels. These are some of LIINES favourite things.

LIINES have the perfect formula for sub 3 minute punk-ish songs, swabbed with the bass heavy aesthetic of post-punk.

The joy of LIINES is in the simplicity: the bass rampages and the drums clatter like a medieval knight falling down the stairs. Zoe‘s vocals direct the energy into a controlled pop-wise splurt.

They’ve already garnered lots of attention from the press and even been interviewed by enthusiastic pseud mag The Quietus. Their new double A side ‘Disappear’ / ‘Be Here’ single will surely carry on their startling rise.


Trip-trap-trip-trap go Leila’s drums on ‘Disappear’. Nervoid bass follows like a pursuit vehicle. A voice hollers from sodium lit streets. Straight jabs of guitar come punching. Immediacy is their calling card.

Here’s the vid. As you’d imagine it features a lot of pylons. LIINES love infrastructure.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the compound, ‘Be Here’ serves as a perfect introduction to LIINES’ brand of back alley ding-dongs. Fueled by the raw intimacy of Steph’s bass, which draws comparisons with Marc Riley’s on The Fall’s Live At The Witch Trials. The guitar makes only fleeting appearances. “I don’t want you to go away” sings Zoe in a Pete Shelley-ish chorus.

Welcome to LIINES are their world of harsh geometry.

‘Disappear’ / ‘Be Here’ is released 28th October.

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