The Veldt – The Shocking Fuzz Of Your Electric Fur

Shoegaze stalwarts The Veldt have been taking the long road to recognition. They’ve been kicking around since the 90s but new releases, a stack of gigs and the new age of psychedelia may finally put a spot light on their stylings. Their new EP The Shocking Fuzz Of Electric Fur sounds, to these ears, like the perfect marriage of shoegaze and trip hop.

Their chums The Cocteau Twins are an obvious influence, but there is also the notion that this is what The Chameleons may have sounded like if that band actually were dream pop. They’re shoegaze but with a lot more going on. Moreover, they actually do have a stack of tunes, as opposed to the bands that use effects to disguise the fact they’re banging out the same song 12 times an album. The vocals; lush and indolent, brushing non-existence. The guitars; spiralling time dilations. The drums; electronic, chilled.


‘Sanctified’ floats in on munificent wisps of dreams, time piece beats and swirling guitar. ‘In A Quiet Room’ screeches and quivers. ‘A Token’ thrums on a tidy engine that could almost suggest a sexy John Carpenter movie.

‘One Day Out Of Life’ peers from behind ice, swathes of chilly noise atop a gurgling beat. The most cavernous and dubby track on the EP. ‘And It’s You’ transports you to the inside of a fizzy drink on a sunny day. Floating and gaseous with fractals of sunlight.

It’s a smooth and velvety pill and you can score it here:



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