Hologram Teen – Marsangst EP

Remember Wham bars? Bright colours and sickly tastes all the way.

The bright colours and throwback animation that greets you on the cover of Marsangst denotes everything going on within. It’s a happy, carefree world, plenty of madcap adventures washed down with gulps of fizzy pop, brimming with sugar and E numbers.

Hologram Teen is in fact the debut solo release of former Stereolab keyboard player Morgane Lhote.

This is dance music but tie-died with ambient and dub. Insistently fun and gloriously self-contained. As soon as the EP starts up a grin breaks out on your face.

‘Marsangst’ chips into life as happy as an Australian soap opera. Thumping drum beat. It’ll make you want to have a bit of a dance in your living room. Go on, there’s no-one watching.

‘Hex These Rules’ is the sound of Time Warp Engine working through its gears. In Jamaica.

‘Scratches en Series’ could easily be a mid-album bit of Beastie Boys jollity circa Check Your Head / Ill Communication. A bouncy, rumbling piece of electro-funk.


‘Franmaster Glash’ is prime numbers New Order spin cycled. The bass, curious, the keyboard riff at 3.30-ish, glorious.

Hologram Teen is the sound of bubbles, sitcoms and sunshine. Hologram Teen is the sound of a party on the other side of a cartoon hill. Wanna go join them?

Hologram Teen are available on the usual platforms and here, and probably on telly when you get home from school…



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