Politburo – Barrington Way

This is Polly Turbo. On no, wait, that’s a jet powered parrot.

This is Politburo. Not a Russian political thingy but a whimsical oddball band. They’re from Manchester in the Now Sphere Of Activity but really could be from anywhere or anywhere. This is a band with magic portal for eyes.


From the cutesy, candy-striped doo-wop of ‘Deep, Down, Deep’ to the hippy drippy pagan poking ‘Breeze’ that occasionally launches into a neat-o mod groove.

From the windy-parps dance of ‘Her Long Shadow’ to the textbook 60s pop of ‘Carolene’.

From ‘Under The Ground’, which may have horrified schoolkids in the 70s as the soundtrack to a weirdy-weirdy post tea time telly show to the grumpy lurch of ‘Zoos Of The World’.

From the anaemic ‘No Fun’ twangfest of ‘Umm, Rhombus’ to the twee jazz-tangle of ‘A Crack In saturn’.

Comparisons such as The Kink, Blue Orchids, The Dandelion spring to mind. If you’re gonna push for a quick soundbite then maybe folky version of the Dukes Of Stratosphear. But no need for pushing, we’re all groovy friends, right?

Look, this record is a bit, bloody odd, right. A lovely jumble, a great big toy box of an album.



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