Brahma-Loka – ‘Noble Savage’

The firestorm is returning! Brahma-Loka are back! Things have been quiet from the Mossley lads but the time is ready for the beast to stir and people are probably gonna get hurt…

The word that always comes to mind is TOTALITY. Brahma-Loka operate as one creature; bold in vision and strong in talon.

What is most impressive about Brahma-Loka is how they sound so reckless, so dangerous and yet sound so accomplished. They sound like a rock band that sees the edge, not dreams about it. They sound like a rock and roll band who can out fight the competition before they’ve got out of bed. But for all the clout this is a band with skill, they sound like a band that could do soft, melodic jams if they wanted to, but on this occasion… don’t.

They nail that quality again on ‘Noble Savage’ which at just 2 minutes 24 seconds has the brevity of punk and they snort through the song like a dragster ripping through a garden shed. The song is powered by a riff from the national grid, drums that thump like fuck and vocals as confident as the music. When it ends you’re wondering where the rest of the song is, that was the intro, surely?

Brahma Loka’s debut EP reviewed here

‘Noble Savage’ is released September 5th. Buy it or you’re garden shed is history.


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