Centralstodet – Hjarndimma (2016)

Gasping for breath as we chug down great viscous plumes of vapour trails, Centralstodet are churning out some noxious space rock.

This is space rock sure enough, but instead of cruising on the bridge like you do with Hawkwind, ready for some space-nookie with green-skinned alien chicks, here you’re down in the engine room with your face pressed against the drive plates.


The three tracks that comprise the live album Hjarndimma are nasty excursions indeed. They’re not so far removed from Radar Men From The Moon, but maybe more waspish. Groove is sacrificed for harsh guitar textures. These are songs which dwell in harsh environments. They aren’t really directed but thankfully they don’t drift into aimless noodling. Also, we don’t get too close to metal either, phew. ‘Signalfel’ does edge closer to jazz and funk, with some loose keys and splashy drums, but the stormy guitar grips up throughout. ‘Hosthypomani’ is the most tense, ratcheting up the pressure with guitar waves. Past 7 minutes it nearly locks into something you can dance to.

The whole effect is trance-like, you could pop the alum on repeat and just have it playing round and round. You might end up rocking backwards and forward, not knowing what day of the week it is, but hey, that’s fun too…




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