Hey Bulldog and Sulk live

Three bands and a club night for £5? That’s pretty good value from Night & Day Cafe. Mind you, the booze is expensive, so swings and roundabouts.



I sadly missed Inland Taipan but arrived just in time to see another incendiary set from Hey Bulldog.

There’s a camp that believes that OctopusBen is the best drummer in Manchester. If that isn’t reason enough to go see them, he’s one-third of the city’s premier power trio. Joining him is Matt, whose snuffling bass is a huge foundation stone and Rob on guitar who knows how to make a Strat scream and purr. Watching his fingers dance up and down the neck of the guitar during ‘Divide And Conquer’ is further proof that the guitarist is the 21st century gunslinger.

Their recent gig with Moon Duo proves they’re one of the best support bands around, wrapping crowds round their fingers. Go see ’em, get wrapped!




Admittedly, I’d never heard of SULK, but for the duration of their hedonistic set I was transported to the GMEX circa 1992. Despite having a guitarist who fires beautiful curlicues of psych notes, when SULK lock together they have grooves straight from the ‘Sally Cinnamon’ school.

They obviously get stacks of comparisons with Britpop, though I feel this is mainly due to the presence of a good old-fashioned frontman. Jon Sutcliffe’s got tons of Ian Brown and Tim Burgess swagger, plus a measure of Tom Hingley stage presence. They’re also retro in having good punchy chorus’ to get everyone fired up.

SULK already feel like the complete package and are a band ready for big, big rooms. Go se ’em, get dancing!






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