The Lucid Dream – ‘I’m A Star In My Own Right’

I’m A Star In My Own Right…

If The Lucid’s Dream newest song was a film, it would be a 1950s epic with the title written in gargantuan stone letters. It would star Charlton Heston and Laurence Olivier, who would shout at each other for 4 hours. God would appear at some dramatic junction. The movie would have an intermission, it would have swept the Oscars and now reside in the Christmas TV schedules.

‘I’m A Star In My Own Right’ has such epoch-making, legend writing status. Heralding the upcoming album, Songs Of Compulsion, this track leaves 99% of the rest of the field looking redundant and antiquated. So many psych bands on the circuit are lads mucking around, writing nice ditties but in it for the fun and the sunglasses. The Lucid Dream, however, have true star quality. Kings in an age of paupers they soar. Here though is where shit gets real.

The band started toying with dub on their second, self-titled album, with the monstrous ‘Unchained Dub’, introducing melodica and dub siren to their wall-of-noise + motorik-rumble sound. Swimming in the eddies of Augustus Pablo and Jah Shaka, this is the sound of something new, something exciting. Watch / hear as creation unfolds…

And now…

‘I’m A Star In My Own Right’ starts dank and ominous, drones mixing with parping melodica. Then the tune powers up like a gunship ready to cruise over Vietnam. Mike’s bass tumbles in, a crushing hyno-attack to make your nose bleed. Luke’s drums holler from the edge of time. The groove is an insatiable, unstoppable beast from the shadow realms. Iridescent twangs of guitar march like Gerry Anderson machinery. Mark’s gleeful vocals come in, trading rhymes and straddling anger and energy in a blazing display of authority and righteousness. Oscillating and flexing, reaching and probing, dancing and shagging, this is some deep dub-psych voodoo.

Hearing this for the first time must have been how it was to hear ‘Marquee Moon’ or ‘Dead Souls’ for the first time. There is a sense of a band gearing up for the big time, ready to blow, ready for glory. A dizzy headlong rush towards history…

Songs Of Compulsion is releases September 23rd…


2 thoughts on “The Lucid Dream – ‘I’m A Star In My Own Right’

  1. daccad

    Nice review of a band I’ve been watching for a few years now. I agree. They are heading in the right direction. In my opinion they are becoming more lucid as they move forward.


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