Westkust – Last Forever (2015)



The machinations of shoegaze churn rhythmically, as if an iron heartbeat is pulsing in the centre of Last Forever, a fine album from Westkust that wear’s it’s efficiency as a badge of honour. Such efficiency counts as proof of their credentials in a genre which counts disinterest as a hallmark. From the stuttering Ride-esque drums to the vacant expressions that stare out from the album’s cover, Westkust perform with a weary sigh that actually reinforces the skill displayed.

As well as the bags of Ride in Westkust’s sound, there are all sorts of frisky surf and the druggy euphoria of Methodrone era BJM. They often recall the breakneck speed pop of Sonic Youth at their most dizzyingly direct. This is heightened by the boy-girl vocals which often takes us to those heady days of Thurston and Kim.

‘Swirl’ starts as we mean to on, a summer haze infused with an ecclesiastical bliss that belies the heady rush fizzing from the helter-skelter drums.

‘0700’ screeches uncontrollably like an open top sports car in a dusty Californian vista. ‘Weekends’ has visceral post-punk guitars. ‘Easy’ has a spectral glamour. ‘Jonna’ is submerged bubblegum pop. ‘Summer 3D’ is as glossy and frothy as the title suggests. ‘Another Day’ brings the album to a typically chiming end.

If Last Forever feels overly precise at times then it comes as a side effect of the skill displayed.



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