Astral Lynx – Flow (2016)

A getaway driver revs his engines. A gunslinger awaits his final battle amidst the blood splattered desert. A cop chases a killer.

Icons of cool are plastered throughout the music of Astral Lynx. They shed imagery of neon lit night-time rides, urban vistas of sleaze. Their music is a slow burn. They seduce while danger lurks. Like Roy Schneider’s journey transporting nitroglycerine in Sorcerer; this is a sweaty psychodrama that can blow at any moment. The movies of Michael Mann and Walter Hill are ripped with the same gritty sensuality as Astral Lynx.

Let’s tap into Flow

astral lynx 2

‘Flash Gordon’; ambling guitar lines of silver begin the broadcast and the promises of adventure. Mystical drones paint an endless horizon. Approaching the three-minute mark the action starts, with huge rumbling drums. Guitars build and intertwine, keening shrieks. Approaching five and the guitars lock into solid soloing. The end result is not to far off what might have happened if Richard Lloyd had control of Television.

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‘Shaman’ throws up in deep space paranoia with stoner riffs and hollering vocals. At four minutes it swivels into a Middle Eastern dance number, all frisky drums, slinky bass and far off chanting. The resulting climax boils.

Listen to ‘Shaman’

‘Cocoon’ glides with ambient warblings. Don’t get ready for a smoke and a chill out yet though as hot buttered lashings of guitar are bubbling away in the corner of your vision. This leads us into ‘Cedar Eyes’ which floats on a sea of dreamy waves of bass. A high-pitched drama that recalls The Chameleons. ‘Beyond Sahara’ drops a post-punk rain of percussive atmospherics.

‘Rising Sun’ takes their class and applies it to the kind of saucy psych-dance number that The Watchmakers are grooving. A sumptuous, rolling tune on a gorgeous, surging 4/4 rhythm of life. At four minutes it’s far too short. This’ll be the encore number, betcha.

Watch ‘Rising Sun’ live

‘Beauty Within’ has the hazy, narcotic vibes of The Ganjas. This leads to the question of what would happen if Astral Lynx went full dub / reggae? Incidentally, the one quibble I would make with the album is that the bass could be higher in the mix.

‘Cosmic Beast’ is funky, with clipped drum beats added to the steamy melee of unyielding riffs. Flow rides off in style.

Flow is a pretty suitable title, even when AstraL Lynx are kicking out heavy-duty riffs they simmer along with ice cool glamour. Songs are long. Songs spiral. Songs shimmer. Songs bake. Flow is a hot world of intense actions.

The lush cinematography of Astral Lynx will take you into their world of heroes and villains, deeds painted with blood.


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