Flying Chivaus – Cyril’s Last Stand (2016)

In truth, a review of Cyril’s Last Flight seems redundant as one glance at the tags used on bandcamp paints a fully accurate picture of the music contained within. There’s “cabaret”, “steampunk”, “melodica” and “folk-pop”. Once you’ve combined that with the evocative artwork and glanced at song titles such as ‘The Amateur Cracksman’ you’ve pretty much got it sussed.


If anything does need adding by yours truly then let it to be offer a few comparisons. Why not take the whimsy (and trousers) of The Duckworth Lewis Method and the nostalgia of Village Green era Kinks, mix it up with Ripping Yarns iconography, serve with a cocktail and finish with a fight dangling from the underside of a Zeppelin.

The music veers from relaxed to furious, but never loses the period flavour of adventures and  pier shows. The aforementioned ‘The Amateur Cracksman’ is speed freak electro-swing for the 1920s Charleston generation. ‘Salmon Drake of the Dimensional Doorway’ is an oopmah band whizzed off their tits, before morphing into it’s own chiptune remix. ‘Automaton Jones & The Threat From Beyond the galactic Border’ is full tilt chiptunes, mind.

Scurrying banjo’s form the madcap race of ‘Augmented Pantoufles’. ‘Your Parasol’ is a relaxing walk by the Seine. ‘Baking at the Bakery’ is really bloody annoying to be fair. ‘August Palace’ rounds out with some gypsy-folk, with added kazoo.

Perfect for the flappers and the menfolk alike.



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