The Phoenix Experiment’s Secret Stash…

Mike Bee is currently axe-man in Manchester’s best band, the imperious Purple Heart Parade. His hotrod rock riffs bleed with cosmic blues to provide the 21st century with its own psych rock hero. With all his time currently occupied this means his previous endeavour with The Phoenix Experiment is sadly on hiatus, but this hasn’t stopped our Stratocaster overlord from sharing six tracks from his secret stash… 

Mike Bee Gullivers

These six tracks* are a collection of blistering guitar riffs that burst to make radiant dance-rock where the choruses are huge, the groove is overpowering and the eyes are on the heavens. The word that keeps springing to mind “fire”, not only does his guitar spit fire, but his lyrics and imagery focus on this element. A trip with this guitar maven is a joyride in Fireball XL5; spaceman supremo Steve Zodiac strung out on sizzling shit. Strap in…


First let us feel the hot, gloopy wonderment of an exploding tidal wave of boiling lava, crushing defensive barricades. Yes, brothers and sisters, this is the heavy cosmic rave up of ‘Children of The Light’ switchbacking heat needle guitar / strummed acoustica bliss and pulsing bass. Spraying peace ‘n’ love in an encompassing rectitude, embracing followers to the cause, working for better while partying to the end.


‘Cut You Down’ fires up the rock riffs, serious Strat bashing. Raunchy arena rock recast for psych-heads.  James Brown libido. Words run away. Drums ride shotgun.

‘Dark Cosmos’ rotates on its dirty axis, ketamine dance days. Long chemtrails of guitar riiiiiiiide. Bubbling potions of electro while Mike trance sings automatic language.

‘Living In A Dream’ rips swathes of pedal heavy guitar to shimmy a slow space-blues boogie, gazing into the sun from an outpost on Mercury.

‘The Rise Of The Phet Dragon’ slides on a subterranean groove, all frisky percussion, dub-wise bass and  droning keys. Then after three and a half minutes it ‘splodes a million ways: 

My head hurts, a terrible sound
The top of my crown to the bottom of the ground
If I taught you everything that I knew,
then Karma comes along takes a care of you

With the rise and fall, you knew nothing at all
As the firebird sings, another falls…

Finally, ‘Sundance’ offers a final three minutes of beats and TNT guitar that will leave you sweaty and punch drunk. As with all the best dance music, as the chorus peels around for one last visit you are left grabbing onto the moment in your pallid clutches, swinging violently with momentum, unwilling to sacrifice the end of the abandon…

Where dance and psych merge / melt / bleed / screw. Spiritualism never sounded so hedonistic.

Listen right here

The tracks are FREE but donate without paying tax! Feel like the Prime Minister! 

Learn all about Purple Heart Parade!

*These 6 tracks are on bandcamp individually, for the sake of whimsy I have collected them together under the moniker Secret Stash and reviewed them in the order they were downloaded…


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