TVAM, child of the flickering screen himself is back with a new single. The multi-media artist, and Ballard’s worst nightmare, is building a reputation thanks to his razor-sharp songs and live performances utilising his unique cut-and-paste collages of junk culture imagery.

TVAM chops sounds like he chops images. He has already taken slices of punk, electro and surf among his victims. Nothing is safe and everything can be regurgitated in the name of his diseased artistry.

tvam gas

This revolting changeling is back with a new single: ‘GAS AND AIR’. It’s the squelchy mess resulting if you happened to force Daft Punk through a shredder. Fuzzy and hazy; guitar hovers like a malignant helicopter gunship // destruction imminent // psychosis inevitable. A trippy, corrupt dance. A malfunctioning machine heart stutters.

On the flip-side, ‘Cannibals’ fires day-glo synths to form an orange sunset cruise. His trusty drum machine beats a paranoia trance. Multiple voices call from a fever dream.


GAS & AIR’ is released on April 15th via Static Caravan on vinyl and digital formats. Cassettes available from Blak hand Records.

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