Hey Bulldog: Live Preview

Somewhere, in a Wild West frontier town, a gunslinger staggers through the doors of a saloon, seeking payment on a debt that can only be paid in blood…

Hey Bulldog may be the Mancunian saviours of rock ‘n’ roll but their sound is more Gold-Rush than Fools Gold. Starting with a BRMC rock ‘n’ roll death-rattle and adding a shot of blues, the end result is the sound of the panic/party as last bordello in town burns down.

Guitarist and singer Rob, the Cuban-Heeled Swagger Jet himself, sings with a Mid-Atlantic holler that helps provide the band with a peculiar sense of dislocation that results in Hey Bulldog sounding that they could have originated from anywhere, and any-when.

Read a live review

Their last single, ‘Under My Spell’ b/w ‘Making Friends Not Millionaires’ was released last November.

hey bulldog 1

‘Under My Spell’ is a devilish dust-storm of guitars, riot riffs and clattering drums. Slightly evocative of a back alley version of Hookworms’ ‘Teen Dreams’ and a version of Factory Star’s ‘Stone Tumbling Stream’ that people may have actually heard, this is a tumble-dryer affair of punk edge meets rock overdrive.

‘Making Friends Not Millionaires’ rips rocket-sled rock riffs and squalling abandon. Rob’s high-pitched vocals are pursued by railroad bass while slow drums mosey a buffalo heavy groove.

“Let’s Stand Together/ It’s what we need… I wanna see a revolution”

The Old West may be gone but Hey Bulldog can be found on tour…

7th April – Soup Kitchen MCR

16th May – Fallow Cafe MCR

24th June – Milo Bar Leeds

Listen on https://soundcloud.com/heybulldog then buy at https://heybulldog.bandcamp.com





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