Control Of The Going – Live at The Royal Oak 25.03.2016

It all started with Liam’s hat…

Cowboy Liam

So, Liam, guitarist and singer, the Stephen Fry of the psych scene, had this hat that looked cribbed from the O.K. Corral. As it turned out it suited him well, with his vocals adopting something of a get-on-your-hourse-and-drink-your-milk drawl.

Contemplating the 5 piece’s performance last night at The Royal Oak in Chorlton lead to a further hat-related conclusion… There’s an aspect of Control of The Going that is becoming a little Wild West. Not in the spaghetti-western twanging / blood-red spattered walls of Lola Colt, but a lean Dust Bowl boogie. While they’re stretching out in the direction of making their psych dance-y there is a dry, guttural quality at work, reminiscent of John Cale on ‘Buffalo Ballet’ or ‘Cable Hague’.

cowboy haze

Control Of The Going have a certain jazzy sense of space about them, each member has room to manoeuvre, there’s something quite democratic about them. Here and there everyone gets a bit of the focus: whether it’s Ash getting some lovely sounds from his new Firebird, Minesh’s keys on ‘Wildflower’ or Liam’s liquid notes on ‘The Message’. Matt on drums has a loose style that allows for exploration. Tom on bass is developing an intriguing sound, almost approaching dub. I’m curious as to where he is going with this sound, though it was the second time I’ve noticed he needs to be higher in the mix…

So, Control Of The Going appear to be heading in the direction of jazz-dub-cowboy-psych. Or maybe the several pints of cheap IPA were causing me to hallucinate…

Watch ‘The Message’ live


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