Radiation City – Synesthetica (2015)

Attention seekers of seduction! Colourhorizon’s feelers have been a-feeling and what have they found? Five fevered Portland purveyors of Dionysian debauchery! They call themselves Radiation City and what a corrupting influence they are! Their sound is a gin soaked fantasy of Roxy Music on the cocaine trail! Louche and throbbing with oily intentions!*

Radiation City are a midnight glide through fruity dream-pop and electronica. There are plenty of 70s and 80s sounds here, from the bruised sexuality of The Associates to The Cure at their slinkiest. The bass is pure Barry Adamson. This isn’t just a needless root through history though, this is all melded together to concoct a messy, sticky substance that is resolutely contemporary. Synesthetica is their newest album…

rad city 2

‘Butter’ is just total filth. Sleaze-bag synths and creeping bass manoeuvre this ditty over the dance-floor . Yet this is a song with sweeping grandeur, shedding style.

Click to listen

‘Milky White’ has crispy dance beats working a clockwork funk and manages to sound like The Black Keys at a cocktail party, with virile screaming guitar.

Click to listen

‘Separate’ risks sliding into nothingness, but is dragged through with a tightly mechanised rhythm section, like soapy motorik, with the faintest whisps of Sonic Youth’s ‘Teenage Riot’.

‘Futures’ is an 80s pop song. The curious thing is that this song is constantly verging on being really annoying, but clings to being endearingly goofy by the tips of its sticky fingers.

‘Fancy Cherries brings this most whimsical of albums to an end as it does, by sounding like Kate Bush covering Carly Simon’s Bond theme ‘No One Does It Better’. Lush to the point of degeneracy.


rad city


*colourhorizon may need to cut down the James Ellroy paperbacks


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