The Honeyfire – S/T (2014)

Honeyfire bedazzle. Within these flames you will find the quietude and charms of folk, the fragility and drama of post-punk, the woozy hit of dreampop and the lightest touch of psychedelia. And the voices… the voices… soaring…

All this and more make up The Honeyfire. Their self titled album from 2014 shines like the stars, leaping from bandcamp with extraordinary skill. Talking of skill, take a gander at who The Honeyfire are; the Joiner Sisters and their friend Anja Quinn are essentially doing the work of ten (maybe they need a trade union?)

Sally Joiner: Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, keyboard
Natalie Joiner: Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, double bass, piano
Anja Quinn: Vocals, drums & percussion, saw, piano & flute

The Honeyfire4 - Natalie_Sally

Without further ado, let’s take a look at The Honeyfire


‘Road Signs’ falls to Earth under the gravitational pull of its folky charms as The Honefire reveal themselves as an ornately jewelled treasure with this tale of fractured personalities.

‘Delusion’ sees waves of jangling guitars drifting by as a forgotten dream. Delicate and poised, brimming with drama.

After an unbearably tender intro, ‘Dreams’ bursts open with stormy drums that underpin this story of highs and lows which recalls the confused passions of The Chameleons.

‘Parallel’ burns with the fire of a lost James gem.

Upside down and inside out there is a place where no one knows
Out of reach and out of time, this long forgotten world
A cloak of darkness covers the land in which we live

Undiscovered a portal lies ahead
Under moonlight and hidden far away
Shadows lurk at every corner, but the light shines through
At the other side of the world all is true

The water has risen above the light that holds this world together
Soon the light will cease to be forever

Click to watch the video

The Honeyfire5 - Natalie

‘Unheard Voice’; fantasy realm bliss, psychedelic keening, memories eroding…

‘Wolves’ is a piece of twilight post-punk, ripped from the pages of The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds.

‘Can’t You See?’ is an aching flaming lament of Spanish guitars.

The Honeyfire6 - Sally

‘Underwater’ clips along, making you yearn while making you dance. Just like Puressence, emotions are spilled but the rhythm section’s rigidity provides an illusion of strength…

‘Blind Eye’: a slow twinkling of sad strings. A song of days long gone summer nights fading away…

‘Noah’ ends the album with a superbly sweet folk-y toe tapper.

And then with laughter, it ends…

Superbly emotional, superbly heartfelt…


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