Home – Odyssey (2014)

Here in the depths of colourhorizon HQ we were loafing around in our oak panelled smoking room, discussing the intriguing tags of ‘chillwave’ and ‘vaporwave’ on bandcamp. To our ears it sounds like a merge of ambient-house, dub and chiptunes. Or, to boil it down to its simplest maxim: underwater electro. Wanting to know more after evening brandies had been quaffed, we dispatched the intrepid Phillip J. Marigold off to go and find us a good, hearty vaporwave album.

Home, hailing from Florida, or Chicago (see thoughts below!) may have a name that is the natural enemy of the google search but their album Odyssey is a splendid beast. This is an album aglow with optimism and pulsing with sun drenched 80s vibes. There is adventure and style in abundance.


From the opening fanfare which launches Odyssey, we are taken into the child-like ‘Native’.

‘Decay’ shivers while it glides through it’s ketamine-laced dance.

‘Come Back Down’ squiggles under candy flavoured synths.

‘Tides’ is positively drenched in mist while the drums thub [sic] from down in the depths, you can nearly make out Donkey Kong emerging through from a waterfall, sweat steaming.

‘Nights’ thrusts Ray-Bans towards neon-lit offers of temptation.

‘Odyssey’ sweeps through, blissful. Serene meditation gives way to another structure of flexing electro.

‘Resonance’; dreamy, silken webs glisten. Drums snap.

Click to listen

‘Half Moon’ is a hollow come-down, echoey and glacial.

A fascinating album of electro-pop of calmed-down dance, like fire frozen in time.





3 thoughts on “Home – Odyssey (2014)

  1. chrstphrchvz

    Interesting review. But I must tell you, Randy (Home) is not from Illinois. He is Floridian. He comes from Florida. A very funny Florida man, if you will. Makes many jokes about Florida.
    The nebulous Midwest Collective on the other hand is from Illinois.

    1. chrstphrchvz

      I must correct myself, Randy (Home) moved to Chicago, Illinois in the past year, so you are/were now technically correct :^)


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