The Red Fuze – Bazooka Circus EP (2015)

While there is a glut of garage rock around at the moment what separates The Red Fuze is the noxious layer of surf rock they stir into the brew. What results is a bone dry spaghetti twang that conjures images of prairie dogs scuttling through the heat haze as J. Wayne strides into town, tin star glinting. This is a surf so tumultuous it would be perfect to soundtrack 1950s B-movies: teenagers on the run from men in cheap monster suits, covered in slime, through small town America. Get your 3D glasses on kids, this is The Red Fuze.

Last year they released their hard hittin’, toe tappin’ second EP Bazooka Circus.

red fuze 2

‘Bazooka Circus’ opens the freak show with a scratty garage sub-Stooges riff with ripped up vocals. Cheeky 60s keys parp around the periphery. Tiny fragments of The Fall and The Pixies stick in your ribs. Oozes rock ‘n’ roll, plus other secretions.

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‘Dance Now’ slides in, sexy and naughty. Chorus? Huge. This song doesn’t rock, it gyrates.

‘Black Mustang’ is probably what Liam Gallagher thinks Beady Eye sound like. Wishes they sound like.

‘Kitchen Of Love’ takes on Jon Spencer at his own game and gobs a blues explosion right back in his face.

‘Blue Girl’ is an irresistibly Black Keys inspired boogie with a chorus that’ll make you stomp and cheer. Voracious and primed, The Red Fuze are stoked with hedonism, demanding everything and accepting nothing less.

The Red Fuze are a rabid, leering pair of hounds and Bazooka Circus is their attack.

Razor cuttin’ / pole dancin’.

Enough with the words already, get ready and turn the fucker up…

Listen at and buy on digital platforms.

red fuze


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