Throw Down Bones live for Astral Elevator

Well, that was intense. By anyone’s definition of the word intense, that was intense. The attendant revellers in Oldham Street’s Gullivers were spell-bound, as slack-jawed as Romero zombies, at the onslaught of that Italian colossus, Throw Down Bones.

It was Astral Elevator’s 12th monthly psych night, Manchester’s best and friendliest crew of intrepid psychonauts.

Throw Down Bones are an Italian duo of noise merchants. There may be just two of them but between them on the stage they have guitar, bass, laptop, synths and pedals. Guitars are played, treated and looped. Dials are twisted, sounds manipulated. Two obvious comparisons are Cabaret Voltaire and A Place To Bury Strangers. The music is heavy but catchy, chicken wire riffs, dancing compulsory. When the bass drums begins to pound the crowd loses itself…

An astonishing and unique blend of psych, post-punk, industrial and trance, leaving a room bewitched, aghast.


Throw Down Bones no 3 05-02-2016


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