Introducing… Boy from the Crowd

Boy From The Crowd look like a couple of wrong ‘uns: guitarist and singer Vinny resembles a Shakespearean villain while drummer Vegas has the countenance of a steampunk poisoner. Together they kick out some dirty garage-punk-blues. You like The Black Keys and Jon Spencer? Step right in, folks…


Vinny’s guitar careers from greasy rock wails to bone-twisting boogies. His singing is arch, decadent and theatrical, guiding us through the songs like the ringmaster of a Victorian freak-show. Vegas’ drumming is terse, clipped and contained, like a short-tempered headmaster stalking narrow corridors.

The image lies somewhere between A Clockwork Orange and a Frank Miller comic. Feeling somewhat confused I decided the best course of action would be to ask the band for the story behind the image…

We identify strongly with our logo. We call him “Our little guy” and we often refer to him as a better version of ourselves. So we sometimes say “this happened and like an idiot I said this and that”, and then say “our little guy would have done this or that etc”. He’s turned into some kind of ideal, despite its aggressive look.
So, the make up thing is simply us trying to imitate our logo. We do the “cross eye” thing as a way to look like our logo.
I know it is weird, but it feels right to us. We feel ready for action.

Boy from the crowd…

little man

Boy from the crowd…


December 2015 saw the release the EP Where the bees come to die, 4 neatly constructed of slabs of growling blues and raucous chords.

‘Revelator’ fires enough power to destroy barricades and smash concrete. A glam stomper with saucy shades of Bowie and New York Dolls, crushing all in its path.

Click to watch

‘All I Need’ is a heavier slice of rock riffing and blues drawl, arch in style and delivery.

Click to watch 

‘The Road’ has a laid back 90s vibe, somewhere between The Pixies in cheery mood and Shed Seven. A glorious throwback to the days of fine sunny guitar pop.

‘Where the bees come to die’ is a slow sad closer, with fluttering, wistful guitar that gradually expands into a sumptuous, expansive instrumental. Here is where Boy from the Crowd’s strangulated blues take flight.

Bold and bracing in sound and image, Boy from the Crowd are a band to keep an eye on in 2016.


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