Little Hero live at Apotheca

Amidst the clinking glasses of the Northern Quarter’s Apotheca bar, Pete from Three Dimensional Tanx (the Wayne Kramer of the Northern psych scene, folks) was having a night off from the company of Spacey and his compatriots to offer a set of freewheeling acoustic music under the banner of Little Hero.

The songs can generally be characterised as delicate, lo-fi pieces of singer-songwriting. However, there was an almost experimental tinge to the setlist with ideas coming and going, songs stopping and starting wilfully, the use of pedals and a fluid attitude to structure. On more than one occasion it resembled a deconstruction of the acoustic format.

At only 3 times during the set did the songs lock into what people of a certain generation would call a ‘toe-tapper” and these would collapse into introspection. While a tad frustrating this added to the unpredictable nature of the songs.

Pete’s use of pedals adds a lot of texture, the bass synth pedal in particular doing a lot of fine work. Maybe tweaking the setlist by putting the catchier songs at the start would have help Pete by getting a bar crowd a bit more involved but as someone who isn’t particularly into acoustic music I found it an intriguing and enjoyable 30 minutes of music.

little hero


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