Mary and the Small Omission – Self Titled (2015)

Mary and the Small Omission are a dreampop duo who work is glacial and often verges on the ambient. Listless and woozily hypnotic, Mary B (who also plays with the Self Defense Family) and Steve Price (the Small Omission?) collaborated across an ocean to release an album which evokes, amongst others, The Cure circa ‘The Forest’.

Their literally self titled album is a mysterious little affair full of dark, little secrets. A place to crawl into and explore.


‘Never Read The Comments’ gurgles like Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’ played in a submerged temple in a forgotten jungle backwater.

‘Be My Blame Machine’ spangles with an early New Order glide, with rattlesnake percussion and forlorn keys thrown in for good measure. ‘Tenor Two’ has delicate guitar and slides through like a lost Durutti Column track. ‘A Candle’ blurts with erupting space synths.

‘Wallow’ does what it says on the tin. ‘Laugh Track’ is a slow dripping of anti-freze. ‘Toilet Water’ is the ambient of CCTV recordings of underground complexes from straight to DVD horror flicks.

‘Dimwitted’ is livelier with a light dusting of post-punk guitars. As is ‘I’ve Been Sleeping With The Lights On’ which introduces an almost Chameleons-esque brooding menace to provide a slowly building drama.

Purely intangible yet radiating with the blissful inner warmth of creativity.


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