Nice Legs – Lullaby Land (2015)

Cutesy EP of bedroom pop that gives the same sensation as rustling through a Christmas box of sweets. Nice legs are a mysterious bunch, operating out of Korea but playing music that could come from any bedroom in the world; it’s kinda oddball and they dress kinda weird, what more do you need to know?

nice legs

Somewhat irritatingly, Nice Legs haven’t given the songs on their EP, Lullaby Land titles, opting for a numbering system instead. With this in mind I’ve obstinately decided to give the songs some titles of my own. Let’s dig in…


‘One’ (or ‘Break Your Own Damn Heart’) begins with a simple clattering beat, as if the drums are being played on the bins round the back back. A post punk bassline from early 80s Manchester joins in the fun. So far, so good, we all know where we’re at. Then singer Lew waltzes in, like a late guest at a dinner party, knocking over vases, telling 3 stories at once and charming everyone in the room. Impish, playful, excitable vocals in a had too much sugar before bedtime sense. Really rather captivating.

Have a watch of the video

‘Two’ (or ‘What Can I Do?’) is where the hazy dream atmosphere lands, guitars distorting like heat haze and playful child-like backing vocals.

‘Three’ (or ‘This Good’) is as airy and sweet as candy floss, as rosy-hued as a childhood memory and bittersweet as forgotten laughter.

The last track actually does have a title; ‘End’ and is an effects driven dream pop number with a fairground undertow that lurches like a drunken beagle.

Lullaby Land comes and goes like a summer shower, but one which brings sunshine in its wake. The songs are brutally short but tantalisingly tasty. Dig in…

Photo by Douglas Vautour and cribbed from


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