El Gran Chufle – Waitecas (2012)

El Gran Chufle have two personalities. Their 2012 album, Waitecas, is a realm where one needs to dig…

el gran chufle

The surface is a vicious rock ‘n’ roll surf sound. A dark time of surf however where danger lurks round every corner. This is music that would accompany Tarantino hitting up the ’50s… cherry red Mercury Coupe’s chewing asphalt while coiled snakes squirm on sun-baked rocks.

These are songs are spicy and delicious, practically dripping in BBQ sauce. This is a place where skeletons twist and boogie in a sightless death dance.

Listen to the evil guitar on ‘The Strangers’ and the blood will quicken in your veins. ‘Terremoto’ is a strutting gang of mariachi outlaws. ‘Acid Laguna’ stabs while dances.

click to listen to ‘Terremoto’

Yet this isn’t just a work of Cramps-ish rockabilly. As the album cover suggests, there are whole layers of tectonic plates shifting under the surface. There is stately post punk bass, shoegaze somnambulism, organs that veer from meditative to funky…

‘Waitecas Dream’ has Slowdive undertones powered by a cruising rhythm section that glides like  Magazine. ‘Fire and Wine’ is a magical song, where, in an isolated field far from civilisation, a mysterious group of people in having a pagan sing-song, to Gods undefined. Highly evocative of Quilt’s ‘Cowboys In The Void’, so if you love that, you’ll love this. ‘Le Rebel is a slice of Lumerians-esque space funk…

click to listen to ‘Le Rebel’ 

The sheer unpredictability of Waitecas is just one of its strengths. El Gran Chufle use their core repertoire of sounds but take us to a variety of exotic locations. They take us down with them through the layers of their imagining…



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