TVAM – ‘No Explanations’ and ‘Porsche Majeure’ (singles 2015)

Remember using VHS in the 90s? Remember when you had a tape which had been used to record shows off the telly? Remember how, after a while the start of the tape would gain a build up of 1 second clips of every programme and late night movie that had been there? So, you would press play and be subjected to little snippets of everything from Under Siege 2 to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to The Royle Family.

TVAM lives in such images. An artist born in an age of media saturation and junk culture passivity. With a guitar and electronics he creates music to reflect the overload we live in.

With self-made videos where images and cut up and kept he presents audio and music as one sickly product.

tvam 2

His first single was ‘No Explanations’ a stinging tirade of guitars, a rockabilly-garage-punk tidal wave. An image forms: The Cramps; neutered and radioactive. Short and nasty.

Click to endure

The B side was ‘Migrate Mind Your Mind’. A stuttering, ruptured riff blurts. Electronics squall. A corrupted 90s rock number thrown into a blender and dumped in a gutter? A savage piece of guitar dance.

Click to listen.


Now. ‘Porsche Majeure’. A squelchy, growling low end underpins shredding guitar like scraping the central barrier. Fetishised machinery.  Forceful and unpleasant.

Click to watch the video 

‘We Like Fires’. A pulsating synth-wave glide. A nervous neon-drenched through the city’s ripped backsides. A detached voice ponders, desensitised to violence. Pristine yet debased. Ick.

Nasty stuff. Consume.

‘No Explanations’ and ‘Porsche Majeure’ are available digitally.

‘Porsche Majeure’ is available on vinyl here.


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