Minami Deutsch – S/T (2015)

Minami Deutsch: krautrock so rough around the edges it bleeds a guttural punk aesthetic. This is motorik, but instead of a placid, serene journey this is more of a dirty back alley fumble. This is music that clatters more than it shimmers; each fetid bass twang and dustbin lid thump of the drums being a tangible presence in the room.

That’s not to say the music is loose. The strict 4/4 of motorik is present and correct but the accent is fuzzier. Not cut from as the same cloth as motorik then, but certainly torn from it.


‘Vocalism Ai’ kicks your doors in with a growling Public Image showdown: tube train bass rumble and acid rain guitar. ‘Terra Recipe’ offers a few rays of dappling sunshine from a sparking guitar while the bass scurries through the undergrowth.

‘Ubergleich Pt 1’ emits a live-wire guitar to produce an energetic piece of kraut-dance. ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ does what it says on the tin, being a near flawless imitation of a Neu! / Harmonia landscape. ‘Ubergleich Pt 2’ with vocals that spookily channels Damo Suzuki becomes an infectious brew while the rumble threatens to bust your speakers.

It’s not a perfect album, even by motorik standards it’s fairly one-dimensional and the second track, ‘Futsu Ni Ikirenai’, weighing in at 9 minutes, outstays it’s welcome.

Flawed but charming, Minami Deutsch is an endearing, shaggy dog tale of motorik. Like adopting a robotic weasel: precise it may be, but watch your fingers…

Click to taste

Available here http://cardinalfuzz.bigcartel.com/product/minami-deutsch-s-t-white-vinyl


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