Lights That Change – ‘Voices’ (single, 2015)

What first impressed me about Lights That Change’s single ‘Voices’, is the notion that the rippling guitars spark the suggestion of a Puressence song tweaked to shoegaze.

Lurching bass and detached robotic beats underpin a swirling dream-pop soup. Mandy Clare’s vocals are so opaque you could almost miss them, but after a few listens, the glistening sparkle becomes unmissable.


Of particular interest are the lyrics; short, simple word collections that evoke cryptic imagery of the Ancient World…

Queens, wives and slaves
Of Mycenae
Bound so tight and sent away

One single night
Gave sacrifice
Then sold abroad to friendless homes

In circle mound
By standing stones
Embossed motifs will tell and show

Fragments rejoined, not man or horse
A shape re-formed
Priestess adorned

Tied in with the fact that their upcoming album is called Byzantium, leads one to wonder just how much of their music is powered by a history degree.

Maybe on a similar topic, somewhere in the song lies a certain mystic Celtic grandeur, a rain-soaked vista of dewy gras… a subconscious bleeding of the Welsh origins of Lights That Change…?


‘Voices’ is the lead single from the upcoming Byzantium and is available on Bandcamp, Amazon and maybe iTunes if I could be arsed looking.

Listen here.


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