Underlords Take Acid – Underlords take Acid (2015)

Straddling space rock and really good drugs are Underlords Take Acid.

Culled from 11 hours of improv comes their self titled album. It’s as raw, dirty and filthy as foxes shagging in an industrial estate in Kettering. It’s positively disgusting.


‘Spaceman is the Place, Man’ starts the album committed to heavy groove and ritualised head music. From the traps UTA knuckle down for fun and power up for hedonism. Over the course of 7 minutes the song slows and grows muddier, trudging drums as the guitar slides into shapelessness.

The second track I avoid. It’s all a bit metal screamy. The track is called ‘Scream a Lil Dream’ so I can’t say I wasn’t warned. If you like this kinda thing, fair play.

‘The Way Down’ shrieks Goat style tribalism with the Birthday Party’s death rattle of rock ‘n’ roll.

‘Nite Time Rite Time’ chugs along with a demonic hoover boogie.

‘Gone City Gone’ takes it even deeper til the foundations are quaking. Then paranoia guitar ushers in the spectral remains of Hawkwind.

‘Want Some More’. I bet. Synths wail righteous indignation as vocals disintegrate into spewed thought bubbles.

‘Coda 4 Cuda’… well let’s just keep that one surprise…

All in all: gloopy bass, shamanic vocals, stabby guitar and bad vibes that make Acid Mothers Temple look like Coldplay down the spa.

Original it ain’t but if you dig The Warlocks and Dead Skeletons and want something similarly wild, sexy and fucked up, than Underlords Take Acid should get you cosmic.

The album? Great. But shit, I wanna see these fuckers live…

Have a play and maybe a purchase…



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