Cold Showers – ‘Plantlife’ (single 2015)

If the obvious roll call of 80s bands such as New Order, Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Fad Gadget etc float your boat then Cold Showers may stoke your boiler.

Their latest release is the single ‘Plantlife’, released in August.

cold showers

‘Plantlife’ is simply relentless: neon synths and pounding drums hammer machine rhythms. Yet there is still a strong melody at the core, a heart beating among the oily engine. The song pitches you head first into the melee and holds you there, trapped at a dizzying level of intensity. When you are released three and a half minutes later, time has passed very quickly and you are convinced the experience is worth going through again.

Moreover, ‘Plantlife’ does what every good single should: grab your attention and leave you wanting more. A function more important than ever in an age of music saturation.

Click to watch the video for ‘Plantlife’

‘Solemn June’ is slinky and seductive, the song oozes style. A scratchy and jangly guitar combine over Peter Hook-ish bass. You could possibly pitch this as Television as played by Ceremony era New Order.

Cold Showers have set their targets on every aspect that made 80s music so distinctive and nailed every one.


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