thudd – bludd (2015)

Mysterious, unknowable post-rock glides in from NZ thanks to thudd.

The fact that the tracks are called ‘bludd 01’ through to ‘bludd 05’ highlights the bands approach to the post-rock / jazz aesthetic of exploration. Even before you hit play you can sense the long, winding passages and meditative jams.

cover thudd

‘bludd 01’ opens with a heavy, atmospheric, noir-ish bass line with sparse electro beams before jazzy drums land. Once the groove locks it holds fast. A guitar offers muted stabs and screams, trying to disrupt the flow of the song. Part Jah Wobble album, part thriller soundtrack the album is off to a stylish start.

‘bludd 02’: the guitar turned up to sharp and needling. Dry and sun-baked.

‘bludd 03’ focuses on static-y electro; receiving signals from darkness. The bass slows to Joy Division on Closer tempo. Dark and downbeat, melancholy and inverted. Increasingly agitated as the song brews, a Gang Of Four sense of muted aggression emerges.

‘bludd 04’ is all about the bass. Heavy cruising like a pirate galleon.

‘bludd 05’: subterranean, dank and creepy. Long splinters of guitar and glacial bass. Deep space beckons: echoing and listless. Finally entropy sets in and the album collapses inwards.

Taking it in turns to shift focus from the rhythm section to the guitar to eerie electro, thudd use a post-rock mentality to take us through 5 slowly adapting, evolving pieces. A highly adept band at the use of mood and atmospherics, bludd is a skilful, interesting work.


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