Parlous – Suoni Non Parole (2015)

Portland’s Parlous have made an album, Suoni Non Parole that recalls the heady days of The Orb and throws in soundtrack influences to create a vibrant, joyful record.

cover parlous

‘Longing Stars’ launches the album with a stuttering beat before introducing moody Radiophonic Workshop atmospherics. The result is a cavernous, dramatic soundscape. At 2 and a half minutes it’s far too short.

‘Ashes Have Blown’ has a glittering, jolly vibe that should be on the soundtrack to a Donkey Kong SNES game, preferably an underwater level with lots of brightly coloured fish.

‘Malibu, KY’ has a sun drenched tropical vibe that should appeal to fans of psych-dub duo Peaking Lights.

‘Crystal Cavern’ has a ghostly, otherworldly presence.

‘Temple of the Golden Pavilion’ is stunted electro-pop: waifish and ethereal.

‘Blue’ recalls the ambient krautrock of Harmonia; synths painting the sun dawning over an idyllic landscape. This bleeds into ‘Fog On Fish Creek Mountain’, loose to the point of dissolution.

‘I-5″ rounds the album with a strong purring rhythm, like a dance track turned inside out.

The beats and melodies are strong, yet there is no real driving force to the music. So ambient may be a good term; yet there is an immediacy which is totally at odds that genre. The tag used on their bandcamp states ‘vaporwave’ which seems like a perfectly suitable description. They should know.

A fascinating and fun collection of electronica.


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