Inner Oceans – ‘8 Cousins’ / Everything’s Alright’ (2015)

Dreamy shoegaze band Inner Oceans spit out a nugget.

cover - Inner Oceans

Stuttering into life with a Sigur Ros grace is ‘Cousins’ (click to listen). Ghostly and shapeless music, then formless words. Then life begins; stomping drums and warning-alarm guitar. Surges of energy hit then dissipate as the song keeps changing; unable to decide on a final shape. The middle portion is fairly Radiohead-ish before lurching back into rigidity. The end arrives, collapsing under a wall of mud.

‘Everything’s Alright’ is a slice of Sonic Youth inspired fun. Hot bass propels the song while two low-key guitars drop delicate sounds around each other. Breathy vocals give the song a seductive edge. An electro middle section joins melds with fuzzy guitar then it all comes together for one last push, a ghost of an anthem.

There is a sense that something huge could be released if Inner Oceans wanted to, except it sounds like they don’t. Instead they are opting for something more interesting. There’s an anorexic A Place To Bury Strangers quality to their work.

In 8 minutes Inner Oceans go to a lot of places. Wanna hear where they go next…

Click here for a song which is neither but brings a Young Marble Giants fragility to a song with a panoramic vista.


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