Happy Meals – Apero (2014)

Back in the 90s did you ever get your face so close to your colour TV that you could see the individual colour bars? If, like me, you would dopey enough to do such a thing then Happy Meals may appeal to you.

Hailing from Glasgow, the Scottish-French duo of Lewis Cook and Suzanne Rodden are taking time from off from jam heavy space rockers The Cosmic Dead to play about with analogue synths and some of the tinniest drum beats you could imagine.

cover happy meals

Apero, the resulting album is described as ‘komische disco’. Informed by krautrock, dance and psych it’s a trippy, explorative affair. A good comparison may be Peaking Lights, if you enjoyed that bands summery dub-psych gem 936 you should dig what’s going on here.

‘Crystal Salutation’ spreads out over 9 minutes of tinkling electro. The combination of gooey harmony and squishy sounds leads to the song playing like a lava lamp in your head.

The frisky, breathless vocals of ‘Electronic Disco’ recall Air’s ‘Sexy Boy’, via Sparks and Heaven 17.

‘Altered Images’ floats like dance music made by The Moomins. It’s not so far removed from the barmy Euro-pop of La Femme. It’s disco and driving, it’s sunshine and love. Standout track on the album by a country mile.

Click to listen to ‘Altered Images’

‘The Age Of Love’ is a formless, cut and paste collage, like a grown-ups fuzzy-felt set.

‘Visions Of Love’ staggers with fat snyths, like obese bumble-bees carrying their weight in nectar. It’s tie-died Blade Runner. it’s Cabaret Voltaire necking Sunny Delight (the 1990s dangerous version).

‘Le Voyage’ is space age electro with a thumping New Order beat and excitable, height-of-summer vocals. It could quite possibly be the theme tune to a cartoon about break-dancing robots. Ramming steroids up the drum beat goes a lot to the success of the song.

It’s pop, it’s psych, it’s dub, it’s dance, it’s retro-synth action. It’s great summer listening.


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