Slime Girls – Vacation Wasteland (2012)

Think electro, but happier. That’s chiptunes.

Think 80s electro-pop mixed with Game Boy technology to be more precise.

Think dance music with strawberry ice cream.

Slime Girls - Vacation Wasteland EP - cover

Vacation Wasteland by Slime Girls is a sprightly collection of instrumental pop songs that zip along, sounding mightily pretty along the way, check out (click) the gorgeous melody of ‘Neo Tokyo Sunset’.

‘Splash Nebula’ isn’t so far removed from a parallel¬†universe punk. ‘Summer Is Gone’ is pure ‘Temptation’ mood New Order at the funfair. There’s stinging guitar on ‘Spring break 199X’ in-between an almost ska-like beat.

An album stacked with moments of bliss and perfect for summer. Relentlessly charming.

wter pistol


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