Purple Heart Parade live at Gullivers 27.06.2015

Since the Liverpool Psych Fest Purple Heart Parade have been getting better and better, every performance taking it to a new level.

Headlining Astral Elevator 4 at Gullivers they wowed the home town crowd after a few months winning scores of fans down in ‘that London’.



Set list notes: track 1 is going by the title of ‘3 Phase Forever’ (I prefer ‘New Romper Stomper’ myself) but tracks 1 and 2 were actually played in the reverse order. All clear?

Keith on drums was amazing tonight: the best I’ve seen hm play. A total powerhouse, locked in and pounding a loud, stadium rocking, groove. That lad’s had 3 Weetabix.

Mike on guitar again proved himself the best on the scene. Whether the buzzing see-saw angularity of the earlier tracks or rock pyrotechnics, he’s all over it. The guy’s a virtuoso, he’s Vini Reilly, he’s Hendrix, he’s Steve Jones. He’s Rainbow Road in Mario Karts. Snazzy yellow trainers too.


3 new tracks shone. The first 2 tracks ‘Shadow Dance’ and ‘New Romper Stomper’ (OK, ‘3 Phase Forever’ if you must) took Purple Heart Parade towards dance with huge beats to get the crowd moving, a bold, invigorating start, drawing people in who may be chatting at the back. Already dying to hear what else lies down this new avenue. ‘Desolation Angel’, written just 2 weeks ago is stunning; an epic psych-blues burn of slow, mellow, lava lamp vibes. A guitarist not up to Mike’s pedigree and the song would be limp and pretentious, with Mike on board you’re watching the new age of blues.

The quietude of ‘Desolation Angel’ makes the hit of ‘Starfucker Blues’ even more powerful, that riff, man, that fucking riff. Yeah, that’s all you need say.

Click to watch ‘Starfucker Blues’ live.

IMG_1141 copy


Bringing a myriad of sounds and elements to their show and building the intensity to boiling point the most exciting thing about Purple Heart Parade’s progression is… what the hell will these guys be achieving in 6 months!?



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