Jennie Vee – ‘Lips Like Sugar’ (single, 2015)

It must be a little tricky being Jennie Vee. Looks like the cover star of a Roxy Music album, plays a mean guitar and writes a razor sharp pop song. She must have to be careful on the edges of subway platforms.

Her EP Die Alone was a key release of 2014, simply an irresistible set of songs. Until the next release she is keeping things ticking over with a cover of ‘Lips Like Sugar by scouse legends-in-overcoats Echo & The Bunnymen.

Click to watch the video, in which Jennie continues her trend for hanging around on rooftops.

cover jennie vee

Truth be told it isn’t a massive reworking of the original but it isn’t meant to be and doesn’t need to be. It’s a good vehicle for her brisk guitar and iced latte vocals. Taking the song off in a sight dreampop direction works to the favour of the lyrics which are sung in a teasing, coquettish way and nearly dissolve into nothingness. The guitar’s don’t really add much new which is shame but are replicated with a shimmering pizzazz. Luckily she doesn’t replicate Will Sergeant’s side parting.

And, as the song is currently available for zip-zilch-nada it’s worth 50 pence of your hard-earned. That’s a bottle of milk, or 1/9 of a pint if you going into the wrong bar…


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