Dommengang – Everybody’s Boogie (2015)

…is a tasty collection of garage, blues and rock ‘n’ roll. New York band Dommengang flit from inspiration to inspiration, all the while sounding natural, not merely kids rummaging through a toy box. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights…

cover dommengang 2

The title track (click to listen) sees a Talking Heads rhythm rumble emerge from white noise before a white knuckle careering ride for the finish line.

‘Extra Slim Boogie’ could be a motorik version of The Black Keys or an Arizona version of Joy Division’s ‘Shadowplay’.

‘Burning Off The Years’ hits like Aussie punk, in fact the blistered guitars daubed all over this album are very reminiscent of Radio Birdman.

‘CC’ sounds like rock music, which I don’t normally dig, but this is bold, stirring stuff with an evil riff. This suggests a good version of the kind of  song you get on those crappy compilations with title like “Best Classic Truck Driving Rock Songs Ever Part 2”.

Veering from raw and moody blues-y to catchy rockers this is a remarkably assured, intensely gratifying and accessible record.

cover dommengang


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