Our Man In The Bronze Age – Habanero EP (2015)

Post punk? Prog? Metal? How do you describe Our Man In The Bronze Age?

OK, let’s try this: Our Man In The Bronze Age are a ragtag collective of Victorian circus folk, pitching their big top in your village to entertain and horrify.

Their last outing, The Gallows Tree was all the way back in 2012. The eagerly anticipated follow-up is here, a brand new EP entitled Habanero.

cover habanero

The title track rips through your speakers amidst clattering drums and conflicting guitars, the result is like a dust-up in Sons of Anarchy.  ‘Pastor’ (click to listen) is a whirlwind of icy spiralling guitars and boiling drums backing up a live-wire vocal performance.

cover go play

‘Go Play In The Road’ is one of the slower, uncoiling tracks the band does so well. Space is provided for the beguiling poetry shards that OMITBA deal in; humorous, oddly profound and visceral.

I wanna take up the task of pulling the strings right out of you.
Hands are gritty and the weekends’ paper-cuts are nothing new.
I would await your arrival, but I’m going grey just watching you.
With 20/20 of your deepest visions soaked in Vali’s and booze.

‘Dos Amigos’ is a grand summary of what has come before: intertwined vocals harmonies over rasping guitars and staccato drums. Buzzing and pounding, subversive yet fun.

Frankly it’s all very confusing.

It’s great to have them back…


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